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Hi, my name is Nadia.




Fashion Communications

Bachelor of Design


User Experience Design



A little bit about me 


I'm a UI/UX designer with a background in Packaging and Graphic Design. Having just earned a diploma in User Experience Design, I'm very excited to start the next chapter in my career and look forward to all the new learning opportunities ahead!

I started in the design industry interning at magazines and modelling agencies while completing my Bachelor of Design at Ryerson University. Combining technical and design skills is something I enjoy doing, so I became a Packaging Designer at a fashion accessories company. I designed, approved and oversaw the production of packaging in China.

My knowledge and skills in design have allowed me to branch out into industries such as Fashion, Retail and Pharmaceuticals. Some of the clients I’ve worked with include 3M Canada, Walmart, Target and Nickelodeon. I've also had the opportunity to work on freelance design projects such as branding, web design and mobile apps.


In my spare time, I love exploring my passion for cars, mentoring young designers, and learning new design skills.

As businesses start to interact with users through various touchpoints, my knowledge of print and digital design practices have allowed me to create innovative and user-friendly design systems that are easy for clients to maintain.

What I've been working on 


Since graduating from BrainStation's User Experience program, I've used my skills to improve the online experience for many struggling businesses during Covid-19.


I've helped launch new experiences, redesigned e-commerce websites, and created responsive designs that work on devices such as desktop and mobile.

What I'm curious about


I'm a life-long learner and love using the knowledge I've gained in Graphic Design and User Experience Design.


Since basing my fashion thesis on the Retail Industry and creating an e-commerce app for my UX capstone, I've developed a passion for creating continuous, branded shopping experiences in-store and online.

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