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scotch holiday DISPLAYs


Tools Used

Project Scope

Design a variety of quarter pallet and half pallet corrugated displays to hold Scotch gift wrapping tape. Since these displays will be in-store during the holidays, 3M wanted a custom diecut design with standout holiday graphics.

 In 4 weeks, design a series of quarter and half pallet corrugated displays that hold a variety of gift wrapping tape. Each display held different products and quantities so each display needed a custom dieline. The customer also wanted a design that stood out visually without compromising the structural integrity.

Process + Deliverables

I teamed up the 3M account manager, quoting team, CSR and structural designer to design and create custom graphics and a presentation for each corrugated display. 

Since this project was very technical, I teamed up with the account manager, quoting team, CSR team, and structural designer. Since 3M provided a new style guide for F/W 2020 but were flexible with the graphics, we created multiple display variations with custom graphics that followed their style without compromising the structure. At the end of 4 weeks, we submitted final dielines, a designed presentation of the displays with graphics, a full quote based on their estimated quantities and lastly a quality sample that was tested for structural integrity, product fitment and production efficiency.

Scotch Quarter Pallet Display Concept

The quarter pallet corrugated displays featured custom shelves with diecut designs and a foldover header that locks into pre-cut slots on the display.

The quarter pallet was flexo printed and diecut on B-Flute oyster over oyster corrugate. Although the inside of the display will not be printed, the product in the display looked nicer against a white background. We were also able to include a custom header for each display that would fold over and be secured with double sided foam tape. All the shelves on the display fold and lock into place with the use of pre-cut tabs and slots for easy assembly and structural integrity.

Scotch Half Pallet Display Concept

The half pallet display is made from 2 quarter pallet displays that lock together with a header at the top. This allowed us to use an existing dieline from the other quarter pallets while making a custom header for the corrugated display.

The half pallet was also flexo printed and diecut on B-Flute oyster over oyster corrugate. Based on the height restrictions from the retailer buying this display, we created a custom die-cut header that would be attached in-store by sliding it into 3 pre-cut slots on the display. We couldn't place the header on the display before shipping it out because it would be damaged during transport.