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Tools Used


Project Scope

Design an end of aisle corrugated display to showcase a variety of products with how-to instructions on each side of the display.

In 4 weeks, design a endcap (end of the aisle) corrugated display that showcases how to use the product while displaying a large variety of products. The customer also wanted the bottom of the display to include a built-in dump bin to catch any unwanted products customers take from the display.

Process + Deliverables

I teamed up with the 3M account manager, CSR, quoting team and structural designer to design the display graphics and create a marketing presentation.

To make this project successful, I teamed up with the account manager, quoting team, CSR team, and structural designer. Since this display would be in a high traffic area, it was important to include graphics on each side and for the display to be structurally sound.


After the 4 weeks, we submitted a final dieline, designed presentation of the display with graphics, a full quote based on their estimated quantities and lastly a quality sample that was tested for structural integrity, product fitment, and production efficiency.

Command Endcap Display Concept

The end of aisle corrugated display included a header that locks into pre-cut slots, graphic panels with how-to instructions, and a built-in dumpbin that fold and locks into place to catch unwanted product.

The endcap was flexo printed and diecut on B-Flute oyster over oyster corrugate. Although the inside of the display will not be printed and doesn't require a white material, the product stood out more against a white background. We were also able to include a built-in dump bin and header on the display that attaches with pre-cut slots that lock in place when the display is folded.